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As a lover of British literature, I was really jazzed about uncovering London’s literary walks and points of interest when I first moved to the city five years ago.

But when most people think of London they imagine the stoic and sophisticated Georgian homes, the grandeur of posh shops and upmarket restaurants, easily forgetting that this is a city with many faces.

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Like most big cities, London can be whatever you want it to be and caters to many diverse subcultures.

I’ve complied this list of the best points of interest for all-round geeks in London.

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1. Forbidden Planet, Tottenham Court Road

This is a mega-store for any ardent fan of cult films, TV series, science fiction, fantasy and horror fiction.

They also specialise in comic books, graphic novels, video games, board games and collectible merchandise. You can spend hours sifting through specialist merchandise or flipping thorough strategy Dungeons and Dragons books and just let the bustle of London fade for a while.

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