Everyone loves a hack – something that’s going save you time and money. Here’s 11 of the simplest travel hacks that will change the way you travel.

Make your browser private when you’re booking flights

Did you know that booking engines online track your visits and put up the price of your flights if you return? If you make a flight search when your browsers in flight mode, you’re tricking it into thinking you’re a new customer offering you the best rates.

Use Google Maps with no data

Google Maps has to be one of the most useful apps around, but what happens when you’re abroad? Heavy data usage abroad can jack up your month’s bill and finding WiFi can often be a pain. There are two little hacks here that most don’t know. Pull up Google Maps without using your data and you’ll see a blue dot telling you your location. Alternatively, plug in your destination before you leave the hotel and it’ll navigate you all the way there without any data. Magic.

Carry your jewellery in pill containers

Have you ever seen those clear plastic pill containers for each day of the week? Found in most pharmacies, they make the perfect case to carry your jewellery. Each section is big enough to fit a necklace, earrings, or bracelet.

Use the space in your shoes

A surprisingly simple but effective hack. There’s plenty of space in those shoes you’ve packed. Stuff them with socks to save precious space and stop your shoes getting crushed.

Carry your liquids in straws

Having to make sure every one of your liquids on a flight is under a 100 ml is a pain. What if you want something on your flight but don’t want to buy a smaller bottle or jar? Use straws. Simply cut of the end, fill with anything you desire and tape up the end. Just remember to label them!

Stuff a belt into your shirt collar

If you like to look smart or you’re travelling for business, try lining your shirt pocket with a rolled belt keeping it effortlessly crisp.

Use a bulldog clip to wrap your headphones

Do you have to unravel your headphones every time you take them out of the pocket? Try wrapping them around a bulldog clip and then clipping them to your pocket. This one isn’t just for when you’re travelling!

Charge your phone using the TV

Forgot the plug for your device? No problem. Take a look at the back of your hotel room’s TV and you’ll most likely find a USB port that can be used to charge.

Use pen springs to stop your chargers breaking

Pulling leads out of bags puts undue stress of them. Try taking the springs out of old pens and pop it over the end of the wires to stop them from bending, one of the main causes of breakage.

Use tissue paper on your clothes

No one likes wrinkled clothes, but who wants to iron on holiday?  Layering tissue paper between the folds of your clothes to keep them crisp.

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