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Vacation isn’t really a vacation without your loved ones, especially your pets. Honestly, though, it’s a hassle to travel with animals. Seeing so many new places is stressful for them, and they require quite a bit of attention.

While it may take some thought, traveling can actually be enjoyable with your pets. Here are some tips to make traveling with pets a little easier.

Research before

There are a few sites out there that can help with planning your trip. Gopetfriendly.com is useful for showing where different pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, campgrounds, and more are on your trip. Use the road trip planner to find that information. Without researching ahead, it may feel more complicated to find pet-friendly places than it really is.

Use the road trip planner to find that information. Without researching ahead, it may feel more complicated to find pet-friendly places than it really is.

Prepare ahead

Before leaving on a long trip, it’s wise to get the dog used to the car. Start a few weeks early with short trips to the park. They’ll positively associate the drive with a fun destination. Make slightly longer trips as it gets closer to the trip.

Buckle up

When driving, be sure to buckle them up. An animal roaming the car creates a distraction that can cause accidents. Try to keep them from sticking their head out the window — even though it’s adorable — as it may cause ear damage or lung infections over time.

Take breaks

Every two or three hours take a break. Let your pet stretch and relieve themselves. They’re probably not used to staying couped up for so long. This will help relieve some of their stress and reward them for traveling well.

Diego Duarte Cereceda

Try a different form of travel

If you plan on flying, know that some airlines won’t allow certain pets to travel in the cargo hold, merely for the pet’s safety. Many of the dog breeds are short-nosed dogs, and according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, short-nosed dogs are more likely to die on planes, whether from respiratory problems or overheating.

Obviously, precautions can be taken to minimize risks. Pet Airways is a company that focuses on treating pets right. They fly in the cabin rather than the cargo hold, and the attendants check on the pets every 15 minutes to be sure they are safe and comfortable.


Bring a familiar toy or blanket

Everything on a trip is new to your pet. Help make them comfortable with the new places by bringing something familiar with them like a favorite toy or blanket. It may help to ease their stress.

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Create a safe hotel room

In the hotel, turn on the TV for some background noise when you’re away. Try to get a room far from the elevator so your dog doesn’t start barking at every passerby. Put the do not disturb sign to keep housekeeping from scaring your dog while you’re away.

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