This California motel has the most bizarre set of themed rooms ever

Hicksville Pines Chalets & Motel

If you fancy a night out of the ordinary while driving through the glorious mountain scenery of Idyllwild, California, then look no further than the Hicksville Pines Chalet and Motel.

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Hicksville Pines Chalets & MotelThe motel has ten rooms, each decorated according to a completely wacky and contrasting set of themes. There’s the Dungeons and Dragons room for nerds, stocked with loads of board games to play until the wee hours and a haunted mansion room with a secret bookcase.
Hicksville Pines Chalets & MotelFurther on in the building you will find the neon lit 420 room for cannabis lovers, complete with snack vending machine. For romantic lovers the honeymoon suite offers a giant heart shaped bathtub, wall to wall shag carpeting and an oval waterbed.

Fan of Twin Peaks? Fear not. There is a whole chalet here modelled on the Great Northern Hotel from the movie, with pine cladding and zig zag carpets.Hicksville Pines Chalets & Motel

For those who enjoy their music there’s a Dolly Parton room and a Third Man Records from Nashville room, both complete with vinyl.

For those feeling festive there’s a Christmas room complete with Santa Claus toilet cover. There is even a room designed by burlesque legend Dita Von Teese herself.

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Hicksville Pines Chalets & MotelA night in one of the eccentrically themed rooms will set you back $100 or around £76, although we imagine the main problem would be deciding which room you’d want to stay in.

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