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These parents saw 9 countries in 10 months—even with desk jobs and a 3-year-old

Meet Łajka, Wadyń, and their three-year-old daughter Zazu.

They’ve spent that last decade traveling the world—including the last 3 years with their daughter.

It’s a pretty common story until you consider their current life situation: both Łajka and Wadyń have full-time corporate desk jobs.

Despite working 40+ hours each week, here’s what they’ve managed to do in the last 10 months:

  • Visit 39 bucket-list locations
  • Travel to 9 different countries
  • Set foot on 3 continents

They’re crushing the myth that, in order to really see the world, you can’t have kids or a full-time job.

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Photos of their adventures prove it’s simply not true.

Source: | Images @owadybezo

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