The feline refugee from Iraq who reunited with his family in Norway

Refugee cat in Norway

In an astonishing and heart-warming tale, a family of refugees from Iraq have been reunited with their pet cat after losing him in Lesbos and relocating to Norway.

The family, who understandably wish to remain anonymous, had thought they had lost their beloved Kunkush forever when the white cat ran off as soon as the rubber dinghy on which they had braved the Mediterranean Sea touched on the shores of the Greek island.

Forced to move on, the family finally relocated to Norway and reluctantly bid farewell to their cherished family pet.

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However, the cat was found a week after their departure and taken in by well-wishers on Lesbos.

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A Facebook page was launched to reunite Kunkush with his owners, and the power of social media once again saved the day as a little more than three months later, the cat returned home.

Volunteers spent more than €600 of their own money in purchasing a pet passport, flight ticket and medical care for the feline, providing a touching story amidst all of the current heartache and strife in the world.

“This story has been one of hope” commented the Facebook page set up for the lost cat. “It demonstrates that the barriers we create that separate us are ones we create in our own minds.”

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