This glass-floored bar hangs off a cliff in Mexico’s Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon Bar in Mexico

If you’ve ever wanted to combine fine dining with a bit of an adrenaline rush then the proposed Copper Canyon Cocktail Bar might be right up your street. Jutting out hundreds of feet high over a sheer drop, the swanky eatery will also feature a glass floor and swimming pool.

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Despite the nerve wracking setting, patrons will have a fine view of Basaseachic Falls, the second highest waterfall in Mexico. Located in the beautiful Basaseachic National Park, in the Chihuahua region, it will offer a very interesting end to a day of hiking.

The bar has been designed by Tall Arquitectos and when it’s built will consist of two levels, first a bar for those who need a stiff drink and secondly a dining area with tables positioned as close to the stomach churning view as possible.

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After your meal you can take a relaxing dip while the sun sets over the canyon. Alternatively, if all that’s not enough, feel free to abseil down to the valley floor.
Copper Canyon Bar in Mexico Copper Canyon Bar in Mexico Copper Canyon Bar in Mexico Copper Canyon Bar in Mexico Copper Canyon Bar in Mexico

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