16 Unbelievably real photos of people carrying huge loads on their head

The practice of carrying objects on your head stems back to ancient times and is still practiced in much of the developing world today. More commonly than not, the items carried are hugely important to their livelihood – buckets of water, bundles of firewood or products for sale.

French photographer Floriane de Lassée travels the world capturing a remarkable ongoing collection of images of individuals carrying things on the head. From the dusty roads of East Africa to the trails and paths of the high Himalayas. It’s not just the feat or skill of the loads they carry but the importance of what they carry that intrigues de Lassée. They carry the weight of life.

“By looking at courageous people carrying first necessity goods, on the side way of dusty roads, I got this idea to make a homage to them; they are carrying their own life, and the series was born.”

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How much can you carry

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