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Japanese farmers use rice fields to create the most stunning works of art

Dear crop circles, you’ve finally met your match.

These are Japanese rice fields. But, more importantly, they’re stunning works of art.

According to Wikipedia,

In 1993, the people of Inakadate, Japan were looking for a way to revitalize their village.

To honor a 2000-year history of growing rice in the area, the villagers started a rice field behind the town hall.

With the paddy as a canvas, the villagers cultivated and used four different types of heirloom and modern strains of rice to create a giant picture in the field.

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To allow viewing of the whole picture, a mock castle tower 22 meters high was erected at the village office.

The project was a huge success bringing in more than 200,000 people visited the village to see the art.

Following Inakadate’s example, other villages such as Yonezawa in Yamagata prefecture, have started to create their own tanbo art.

Source: Japanese farmers use rice fields to express their art

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