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Man Flies Drone Over Ocean and Captures Footage Of Extremely Rare Event

whales in ocean, drone footage

It’s one thing to see a stampede of sorts on land, with land animals, but it’s extremely rare to see something similar taking place underwater. One lucky drone hobbyist caught some incredible footage just of the California coast, near Dana Point.

There are thousands of dolphins gracefully swimming and jumping in the water. They were seemingly migrating to a new location when the footage was taken.

dolphins migrating, drone footage
via YouTube

This footage of dolphins represents the first 1:19 of the YouTube clip, but then things get even more interesting. The same drone hobbyist captures some amazing footage of whales near San Clemente, California (until the 2:24 mark) and then in Maui, Hawaii.

drone shot, whales migrating
Via YouTube / Near San Clemente, CA
Whales migrating, drone shot
Via YouTube

This guy is clearly doing something right because he manages to be in the right place at the right time to get awesome shots of these ocean animals. These photos and the rest of the video after the 2:24 mark, showcase a mother whale, its baby, and an escort whale off the coast of Maui.

drone footage of whales near hawaii
Via YouTube

To top it all off, the drone pilot then expresses gratitude to God at end of the video for the opportunity to witness it all.

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