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Us Brits are the first to admit that, when we go abroad, we rarely take the time to learn even the basics of the language of the country we’re visiting. It shouldn’t be that way but sadly it is. As a nation, we’re perhaps one of the least bilingual countries in the world, however that doesn’t mean that, as travellers, we should all be that way!

There’s something a little bit special about being able to ask for even the basics in a different language when on holiday; it makes you feel a little more engrained in the culture and it’s impressive to the locals!

As such, SilverDoor Apartments recently launched an infographic which looks at how to order some holiday essentials in 15 different languages from around the world, helping you to know how to ask for:

  • A Beer
  • A Pizza
  • A Taxi
  • A Coffee

So perhaps they’re not quite essentials but there’s nothing better than relaxing with a nice cold beer on holiday, everyone loves a pizza and a coffee and ordering a taxi is often a necessity if you’re not hiring a car!

Take a look at the infographic for yourself, bookmark it and come back to it next time you go away; spending a little bit of time learning the basics of the language so you can feel a little bit more involved in the culture!

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