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A boring person might think that travelling by plane is the best choice when taking a 3500- 4000km long trip. But you’re the adventurous kind and you want to have some fun, so forget about the plane rides – you’ll simply miss out on too much. If you’re looking to go on a road trip with your friends or family, then the Perth-Melbourne journey can bring a whole new level of excitement to your wandering heart. Make sure to pack a med kit and ample food supplies, fill up on gas, and get ready for some thrilling adventures as you visit these great locations and take in the sights.

Aerial view of Princess Royal Harbour and Middleton Beach, Albany


When heading out from Perth to Albany, you may first with to take a stop at the Margaret River, a place famous for its good food and even better wine. If you like nature, the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park has some gorgeous views, so make sure to check that out. After this, Albany is a place that often gets overlooked, but it’s full of untouched nature and incredible sights like the Gap and Natural Bridge, Dog Rock and the Blow Holes. There are some lovely beaches that you can visit if you want to lounge and enjoy the ocean, and you can also take a sailing tour and enjoy first-class meals and coffee as the guides chat and tell you stories about the ocean.


Esperance is an eco paradise with its natural wonder – The Shire of Esperance and its famous national park, Cape Le Grand. If you enjoy camping, Quagi Beach, Alexander Bay and Munglinup Beach offer good camping areas, so it’s not a bad idea to pack your tent. When you reach the national park, you can take the Great Ocean Road, a 40 kilometre strip of the whole road that offers beautiful views of various beaches and the Pink Lake. Definitely plan to spend a few days in Esperance, because there’s much to do, and most people find it hard to leave when they see that pristine wilderness and beautiful coastlines. If you’re driving an old car, don’t worry – there are plenty of gas stations where you can replenish your fuel, and get your oil changed, just make sure you opt for a renowned brand like Castrol to ensure your car runs smoothly for the remainder of the trip.


When you pass Boarder Village on your way to Ceduna, make sure to visit Bunda Cliffs, which offer stunning viewpoints and a change to rest and enjoy the ocean sounds. Check out the Maralinga Atomic Testing grounds for a history lesson about the British nuclear bombs, and the Head of the Bight visitor centre to learn even more about geography or the area. Ceduna is a pretty little coastal town, so you’re bound to enjoy the simple charm of people who live there.


This is a stop you definitely shouldn’t miss if you’re looking to do some shopping. The trip from Ceduna to Adelaide is a long one, so make sure you’re well-rested and have enough supplies to last you for about eight hours of driving. In case you plan your trip for February or March, you’ll be able to visit the Adelaide Fringe Festival, but even if you go at a different time of the year, there’s plenty of culture and nature to keep you occupied. St. Peter’s Cathedral has gorgeous architecture, and the Botanic Gardens offer beautiful flora and fauna to enjoy. For those with a sweet tooth, Haigh’s Chocolate Tour is a real treat for the taste buds, and you’ll learn more about chocolate making process and enjoy some coffee and tea at the end of the tour.


To reach Melbourne, you can get back to the Great Ocean Road, just make sure you have your camera with you. You’ll be tempted to take a stop several times just so you can take photos of the coastline so you can show off to your friends. When you reach Melbourne, plan to spend at least 48 hours there because there’s just so much to see and do, that a few hours just won’t cut it. Old Melbourne Gaol and Melbourne Museum can give you wonderful experience, and it’s a good chance to rest up before you head back to Perth.

If you have time, and are the kind of person who prefers to move around, then this is probably the perfect vacation. It’s the perfect mix of exciting adventure and rest, so if you don’t mind the driving, you’re going to have a blast.

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