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Deep in the Alaskan wilderness, there lies a very unexpected architectural wonder, which has been attracting curious visitors for over 20 years. Goose Creek Tower has come to be known as the ‘Dr. Seuss house’ due to it’s remarkable resemblance to the iconic, haphazard house from the books.

Situated halfway between Willow and Talkeetna, the construction towers a whopping 185 ft above the surrounding expanse of forest. To the average onlooker it might seem like an unstable pile of smaller and smaller cabins places one on top of the other, but the owner and creator used his engineering knowledge to make it entirely safe.

Photo: Alaska.org

It all started after a forest fire cleared some of the trees in the area, making it the perfect spot to build a house with wonderful views across to the highest mountain in North America – Denali. Over time the trees began to regrow, slowly obstructing the view and meaning the only way to continue enjoying the splendid vista was to keep building skywards. By the end of it the house had 17 floors.

All this happened in the 90s, after which the eccentric owner Phillip Weidner decided to move away from the house to work on other projects and pursue his law career. The construction stood abandoned for years, and plenty of interested Dr. Seuss fans managed to sneak inside to take pictures. After a long break, he has finally returned to his masterful creation to finish the job, and plans to install a telepscope and radio transmitter at the top.

Photo: Alaska.org

The site is closed off to visitors for the time being, while building work takes places and Weidner’s family enjoy having the tower to themselves. However, he claims that it will be open to visitors as soon as everything is finished. For now, you can still get a pretty good glimpse of it from the road or railway.

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