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China seems to have an affinity for stomach churning paths, high up in the mountains or hanging off cliffs. Better building technology has made it possible to take the glass walkway where they have never gone before, enabling tourists to have a serious adrenaline kick in a relatively safe environment.

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At Tianman Mountain in Zhangjiajie Park they have just unveiled what could be the most terrifying yet. The completely transparent path is 100 meters long and 1.6 meters wide and snakes around the edge of a famous local landmark, the Coiling Dragon Cliff. This dramatic, forested limestone tower is only one of many in the area and reaches 1,528 meters at its summit, whereupon arrival you can take a selfie.

The glass walkway then skirts along the edge of the cliff, putting just a few inches of glass between you and a sheer drop that sickeningly plunges more than 1,000 meters to the ground below. It’s so high you can sometimes see clouds floating past.

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Glass walkway ChinaThe Zhangjiajie Park is an extremely beautiful area and its fairytale valleys and peaks were the inspiration for the landscapes in the movie Avatar. This makes for some pretty breathtaking views, including looking down on one of the world’s scariest switchback roads below you.

Some cautious visitors seem to cling onto the edge, whispering prayers under their breath, while others bravely pose for photos draped daringly over the side.

If one white knuckle walk wasn’t enough for you, then in the same park you will find the longest and highest glass bridge in the world.

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We hope the glass is seriously reinforced, as despite strict health and safety on such attractions, last year saw an older 1000-metre-high glass walkway start to shatter under the feet of terrified visitors. Luckily no one was injured.

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