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I’m guessing you’ve probably never heard of the micronation The Republic of Molossia. That’s because with a population of 29 (of which 6 are dogs) and occupying 11.3 acres (or 17,920 Square Royal Nortons in Molossia) within the Nevada desert, it doesn’t really have any presence on the world stage.

That said, this is a fully functioning nation complete with a president and government agencies that include the Bank of Molossia, War Office, Naval Academy, a set of diplomatic policies and a website, which quite frankly is better than most other larger countries.

With a failed attempt in 2012 by His Excellency to gain formal recognition of the micronation, we thought we would try give a little boost to tourism, which presumably makes up most of its GDP.

Flag of Molossia

A few key facts about The Republic of Molossia from the Molossia National Database

Official Name: Republic of Molossia (originally the Grand Republic of Vuldstein)
Capitol City: Baughston (formerly Espera), Harmony Province
Nationality of Citizens: Molossian
Official Calendar: Gregorian
Official Language: English & Esperanto
National Day(s): May 26th, Founder’s Day
National Anthem: Fair Molossia Is Our Home [Click here to hear the national anthem]
Population: 23 humans, 6 dogs; total 29
Religions: No state recognized religion, religious affiliation is an individual choice, and is protected by law.
Obligatory Military Service: Yes.
Censorship of the Press: No. The Government writes the newspaper, so there’s no need for censorship.
Taxation: None
Free Speech Laws: Yes, unless you annoy the President. Then you must shut your pie-hole.
Main Newspaper(s): The Khamsin
Currency: Valora
Value in US Dollars: 1 Valora = $ .75
Total Area: 17,920 Square Royal Nortons (4.5 ha / 11.3 acres)
Local Time (Relative to GMT): -8 hours, plus 39 minutes, Molossian Standard Time
Political System: Republic
Date of Next Elections: To be Determined (but don’t hold your breath)
Head of State: President Kevin Baugh (1962-)
Head of Government: President Kevin Baugh (1962-)
Parliamentary System: Yes. Theorectically.

Who is His Excellency President Grand Admiral Colonel Doctor Kevin Baugh, President and Raïs of Molossia, Protector of the Nation and Guardian of the People?

President of Molossia

His Excellency Kevin Baugh is the leader of the Molossian people and has sole responsibility for the citizens of this great nation. Having spent most of his life in the service of the Molossian Armed Forces, he is primarily a military man and his time is mainly taken up with his duties in the Molossian government.

A short history of the Republic of Molossia

May 26th, 1977 – The Grand Republic of Vuldstein was founded in Portland and King James I was proclaimed king.

1980 – The king became inactive and the Prime Minister stepped in as acting leader, renaming the nation the Kingdom of Edelstein.

1988 – Whilst still being run by the Prime Minister, the nation was renamed Kingdom of Zaria.

May, 1998 – The nation moved to Nevada purchasing new land and renamed Molossia.

June, 1998 – The Kingdom of Molossia was overthrown and replaced by a communist government.

September, 1998 – The government relinquishes sovereignty and Molossia joined the United Provinces of Utopia.

January, 1999 – The United Provinces of Utopia collapses.

February, 1999 – A communist government declares sovereignty and the People’s Democratic Republic of Molossia is declared.

September 3rd, 1999 – The communist government collapses and the Republic of Molossia is established.

2000 – Molossia hosts the first Intermicronational Olympic Games.

August 2003 – Molossia purchases land in Northern California created Farfalla, the nation’s first colony.

2006 – Molossia was attacked by the micronation of Mustachistan and after two battles, a treaty of peace was signed by both nations.

September 2008 – A forgotten declaration of war from 1983 was found in the Ministry of Archives, opening hostilities with East Germany.

April 2010 – The government of Molossia was invaded and overthrown until 3 days later when His Excellency was re-established.

Government Agencies within the Republic of Molossia

Molossia has a number of government agencies, all of which are run by His Excellency. Spyglass Hill is the Molossian Naval Academy and runs internet-based courses focusing on the history, principles, tactics and strategy of naval conflicts. Students can enroll here and scores of 80% must be achieved on the final test to pass.

Naval fleet and Molossian Naval Infantry
Naval fleet of Molossia

Ironically for the landlocked desert nation, the only forces Molossia has is its navy. The US Olympic Committee stopped them having an Army and the Air Force’s plane was too small to fit anyone in it and never got off the ground. The forces have a fleet of 6 warships which include the Banana Class inflatable vessels – the M/S Bandicoot and M/S Platypus. Like all countries, they have the right to defend themselves which the Molossain Navel Infantry does with two 19th century muskets.

Ministry for Air & Space Exploration

Space & Air Exploration Molossia

The Ministry for Air & Space Exploration has been running its space program since 1999. Projects have included The Pegasus, The Endeavour Rocket Project and Skylofter which have had varying degrees of success although none have made it to space yet.

Bank of Molossia

Bank of Molossia

The Bank of Molossia’s aims is to create financial stability for all citizens within the nation. The currency is the Valora which can be divided into 100 Futtrus. The current exchange rate stands at 1 Valora to 0.75 US Dollars and is pegged against Pillsbury Cookie Dough.

Molossian Postal Service

Molossia Post Office

The government Molossian Postal, Telegraph and Telephone Service provides essential services to its citizens, although they do not yet work with agencies outside of Molossia. Postal stamps can be purchased here.

Expedition to the Molossian Alps

Expedition to Molossia Alps

There are a number of geographic agencies within Molossia which work tirelessly to ensure the conservation of the country and run expeditions to Molossian Alps.

Conflicts with the micronation of Mustachistan and East Germany

Mustachistan conflict

The tongue-in-cheek conflict with the micronation of Mustachistan began after increasingly strained relations over territory. Although His Excellency sort a peaceful resolution, war was declared on the 22 May 2006 which culminated in two conflicts – the Battle of Black Lizard Canyon and the Battle of Rattlesnake Rift – both of which were won by Molossia. On the 8 June a peace treaty was signed by both parties effectively ending the war.

War plan Molossia

The ongoing war with East Germany

East Germnay FlagMolossia claims to have been at war with East Germany since 1983. During examination of the Molossian war rooms and Ministry of Archives a declaration of war from the then Grand Republic of Vuldstein was discovered on a small piece of folded paper. Although East Germany is now defunct, Ernst Thälmann Island was reportedly given to East Germany by Cuba in early 70s and therefore as territory still exists the war continues. War bonds can be purchased to help finance the war effort.

Declaration of war Molossia

A tourism guide to Molossia

Sign for Molossia president officeThere are plenty of things to keep you interested within Molossia…for an hour or two. The Red Square is where your time will be occupied mostly and includes the Molossia Post Office, Trading Company, Customs Office, Office of the President, Bank of Molossia and the Tiki Hut Bar and Grill, the only eating establishment in the country.

Behind the Government offices is Norton Park which after a 2005 overhaul became an attractive and tranquil place for Molossians to relax. Among many things, the park includes the railroad which serves the passenger and commercial needs of the country’s citizens.

Entry, citizenship and customs

Passports are not required to cross the Molossian-United States frontier, although they will be stamped upon entry if they are brought. There are no visa requirements to enter Molossia for tourism purposes although foreign nationals are not allowed to work or reside within the country without prior permission. They are not currently accepting new citizens. Molossia has strict customs laws which prohibit firearms, drugs, tobacco, plastic shopping bags, catfish, fresh spinach, onions, salesmen, incandescent lightbulbs and walruses.

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