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Sadhu Amar Bharati was a normal middle-class clerk, working and living in New Delhi, India.

In 1970, he was struck by the epiphany that his career, his material possessions and indeed his life as a whole were entirely worthless. He pledged himself to the deity Shiva, swearing to relinquish all worldly goods and pleasures.

However, after three years of this lifestyle, he found that he hadn’t sacrificed enough – so he raised his right hand in dedication to the goddess, as well as in silent protest at the wars, violence and injustice perpetrated around the world… and he has kept it there ever since.

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Having raised his arm for more than 40 years, the limb has long since become completely atrophied and useless, rendering it effectively nothing more than a stump which now stands aloft without any effort from the holy man.

Though he had to endure years of excruciating pain and torment, the degeneration of the limb means he now no longer feels anything at all – just an overwhelming inner peace.

It is exactly this kind of peace that the man is attempting to promote all over the globe, through his small, unique and incredibly powerful gesture.
Holy man raises arm for 40 years

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