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There are over 200 wine and grape producers along the Stellenbosch wine route. As a novice when it comes to wine, it’s essential to explore some of the great wonders of Stellenbosch and take in a few wine estates.

Visiting Waterford Wine Estate was on the top of my list. We approached the journey differently to usual, as we wanted to see the scenic views via a helicopter ride across the vineyards.

Waterford Wine Estate

The 120-hectare estate is situated on the slopes of Helderberg Mountain in the Blaauwklippen Valley. Established in 1998, the family-owned wine estate is more than a vino-producing farm. The experience begins with their family philosophy – shared with all their visitors – which is to celebrate prosperity, food, wine and most importantly, family and friends. Furthermore, the estate encompasses ancient citrus groves and beautiful fragrant lavender beds.

The most outstanding part of the experience was the wine and chocolate tasting. Waterford Wine Estate pairs interesting chocolate varieties with their wines:

Highlights of the wine and chocolate tasting experience

Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 paired with rock salt dark chocolate

The cabernet carries an interesting and delightful set of red berry fruit flavours. The salt in the chocolate perfectly complements the tannin of the wine as it neutralises it to a smooth finish.

Kevin Arnold Shiraz 2011 paired with masala chai dark chocolate

The perfume and dove pepper of the Shiraz pair well with the fusion of Asian spices in the Masala Chai Dark Chocolate.

Heatherleigh natural sweet wine paired with rose geranium milk chocolate

This wine and chocolate combination complemented each other beautifully. The tantalising aromas of the dried apricot from the wine paired with hints of Muscat and vanilla, pairs perfectly with the floral sweetness of the chocolate, making for a match made in food heaven.

There’s no doubt that when in Stellenbosch, visiting the Waterford Wine Estate is a necessity. The estate is open from Monday to Saturday. Pre-booking is advised for groups larger than six people.

This is a community created post. To upload your own, visit our submission page

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