We can’t stop staring at this ridiculously enormous statue of an ancient warrior in China

Guan Yu statue China

A mega statue of one of China’s most famed ancient warriors has been unveiled in Jingzhou city, Hubei province.

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Guan Yu statue China

Guan Yu, a general during the Three Kingdoms period, is one of the best-known historical figures in China. Serving under warlord Liu Bei, the warrior played a pivotal role in a civil war that brought down the Han dynasty. He was eventually captured and executed, but the legend of the great fighter, now deified as a god, still lives on to this day.Guan Yu statue China

Looking like a character from The Lord of the Rings, the statue in Jingzhou’s Guan Yu Park is over 58 meters tall and weighs in at over 1,300 tons. Even the Guan Yu’s weapon, a Green Dragon Crescent Blade, weighs a further 136 tons.

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